Business relocation
to Portugal

The business relocation service to bring your company to Portugal.
With the support of Job Done, growing your business will be easy and fast.
We take care of everything for you.

Sneak Peek: business relocation to Portugal

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The Agency

A Consulting Group to help with your
business relocation to Portugal

Our team of experienced consultants will help you draft and implement a real and effective Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and take care of the boring parts to keep you focused on your achievements. Relocate your business to Portugal with Job Done.

We can support you in all the necessary activities for business growth, from recruitment to marketing and take care of your Portuguese business operations to implement your decisions in real time.

The things we can do for you

All services are provided by our subsidiaries or trusted partners.

We manage your local business operations

We know Portugal so well that we can be your ultimate guide. So, we’ll help you choose the right location for your company, find you the best office and setup everything necessary for you to start working.

We recruit your local team

We are experts in Recruitment and Employer Branding. Not only will we find you the best talent in the market, but also hire them, make the payroll and execute all labor legal obligations. We’ll be your HR Department, no matter where your office is located.

We implement your marketing strategy

If your company needs to communicate actively, our internal agency will make sure your brand is in the right hands. We are social media experts and we have brilliant designers onboard.

We provide you legal services

We have all the know-how about the Portuguese labour laws and have partners that can help you with all the legal issues that may appear.

We take care of your IT setup

Our IT partners are the best in the field when it comes to cibersecurity and software implementation. Also, we purchase on your behalf all the devices that your employees will need.

We provide you accounting services

If you need to open a company in Portugal, our accounting partners can guide you through this process and take care of all the legal obligations.

This is what we can give you:
an “all inclusive” business relocation experience

We have a boutique approach to provide you the business relocation experience that you deserve and deliver prosperous results for your business.

We can support you in all the necessary activities for business growth, from recruitment to the hiring process and payroll and from fiscal and legal support to marketing and executive search.

Start your business operation in Portugal and onboard your teams without risk.

Our Client’s privacy is sacred ground.
You are in safe hands.

This Client’s mission is to fundamentally improve how healthcare is delivered in the world.
An amazing company with such great people. It has been a pleasure helping them in the Portuguese setup.

Company: Classified Information

California, USA

These guys are powering the next generation of leisure travel.
They are on a mission to change how the world buys travel. And we are travelling this amazing journey with them.

Company: Classified Information

Tel Aviv, Israel

The best in class services on the high value chain of Customer Experience Lifecycle for top networking and cybers.
We are so proud to have this Company working with us in Portugal.

Company: Classified Information

Bogotá, Colombia

Nobody can remain indifferent to this brand. They represent fun, joy and entertainment.
With them around, life can be really good. And for us, it has been quite fun being their partners.

Company: Classified Information

Seoul, South Korea

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    Job Done Consulting Group was founded in 2016. Behind the scenes, you can find a cluster of brands that are top experts in their own fields, such as Recruitment & Selection, Digital Marketing and Executive Search. We are the first and only company in Portugal to date to work with Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing. When we are not working, you can probably find us volunteering – we are the founders of Cycling Without Age Portugal – or riding our motorcycles – yes, we love motorcycles.